How to Guide

How To Wear Your Mask?

Upon receiving your Norona face mask, it is recommended that you:
- Thoroughly wash and dry it before first use
- Wrap the elastics around your ears
- Ensure the mask covers your nose and mouth securely ensuring there is no gaps between your face and the mask

How to Clean Your Face Mask?

It’s imperative that upon receiving your Norona face mask that you thoroughly wash your mask before use:
Care Instructions
Machine Washing: Cold gentle machine wash or hand wash with like colours
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry but hang dry
Do not dry clean
Warm iron
Please refer to the washing instructions provided to you upon receiving the mask

How To Remove Your Mask?

When you remove your mask it is advised that:
- You remove it only by the elastic piece around your ear
- Do not touch the front of the mask or any other surface of the mask
- After you have safely removed the mask, immediately clean your hands with soap
- Follow the instructions on how to wash your mask

How to Store Your Mask?

It’s recommended by The World Health Organisation to have a minimum of 2 face masks. This will allow you to rotate your masks and use them on a daily basis.
One is available to wear whilst the other one is washed and dried
Should you wish to store your masks:
- Simply use a zip lock bag or plastic bag
- Clean it thoroughly with soap and water. It must dry well on both sides.
- Place your dry mask in the dry zip lock bag and seal it well.